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Brownfield Powder Magazine Valdurasca

Short Overview

The property complex located in Valdurasca, called "Ex Polveriera", consists of a former army ammunition depot, easily accessible from the provincial road that goes from Via Montalbano towards Valdurasca and is connected with the limit of the Municipality of Follo.

It covers a total area of 22 hectares, divided into a rather extensive flat area and then into another hilly area that closes the space in a semicircle; a massive complex with rather sparse concrete and wood buildings hidden from view by the path.

Through an internal track it is possible to reach the deposits or "Casematte difensive": masonry rooms of rectangular shape with a variable surface, once used for the custody of armaments and war materials.

An entire area today is covered by forests and artificial lakes and vice versa in a general state of abandonment, as well as its buildings, with the presence of solid urban waste; due to this a fundamental reclamation is required.

The Municipal Administration proposes the recovery of the compendium in respect of the existing structures, allocating it to tourist, sporting and recreational activities.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Covered area


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 211320 m²
Covered area: 2460 m²
Province: La Spezia
Municipality: La Spezia
Address: Valdurasca, La Spezia
Urban requirements:
  • Buffer zone for the hydrographic network (check Regional Regulation no. 1 dated 2016 for the building ban ranges according to the geographic position);
  • River management range updates from 26/07/2012;
  • Legislative Decree 42/2004 Article 142, updates from 17/12/2014;
  • Royal Decree 3267/23 Hydrogeological Constraint;
  • Law 47/75 and Regional Law 22/84 Areas at risk of fire.
Last use: Abandoned areas and structures
Occupation: Free
Access permit:

Two access authorizations are reported:

  • to a private association for performing soft-air activities;
  • vehicular transit in favor of the owner of the neighboring lands to ensure their cleanliness.
Description of area already designated to other use:
  • Properties purchased pursuant to the Federalismo Demaniale [State Property Federalism Law] (free transfer to the Municipality of Spezia pursuant to Article 56-bis of Decree Law 69/13, converted into Law no. 98/13).
  • Former military property complex intended as a powder keg, currently unused.
Number of present buildings: 29
Condition: In poor state
Motorway: A12 La Spezia 5 km
Train station: La Spezia Migliarina 3 km
Port: La Spezia 4 km
Statistical data of the municipality of La Spezia


Regione Liguria
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Registered Office: via Fieschi 15
16121 Genova


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