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Brownfield Former Guardian House V. Varaldo

Short Overview

Stable built before the 1900s on the border with Via Amendola. It has an almost square plan with sides of approximately 10.00 m and consists of two floors, one of which is on the ground side towards Via Amendola.

The only high floor, which is accessed by an internal staircase, is used as a dwelling whilst the floor below is occupied by warehouses.

The house consists of three rooms, kitchen and bathroom, the floor below by five rooms.

Attached to the building, on the north side (former cable car line) and leaning against the wall of Amendola Street, there is a small warehouse (approximately 20 m²).


Gross Floor Area GFA


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 598 m²
Province: Savona
Municipality: Savona
Address: Via Giovanni Amendola 10, Savona
Urban requirements:

The property is included within the scope of redevelopment R17 (San Giacomo-Valloria), sub-field Bs (urban intensive residential building fabric).

Last use: Administrative Offices Province of Savona
Occupation: Free
Investment type (sale/location): Sale
Sale price: 300000 €
Number of present buildings: 2
Building year: 1940
Total levels: 2
Stairs: 1
Condition: Sufficient
Cultural requirements: Yes
Energy performance: - Cert. p. n. 44730 of 27/6/2014
- Cert. n. 41349 Category G
Detail of covered area:
- Stable 1: Total Gross Area 118 sqm
- Stable 2: Total Gross Area 20 sqm
Statistical data of the municipality of Savona

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