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Brownfield Premises in Via Carcassi

Short Overview

The properties owned by the city in Via C. Carcassi, Municipio I - Centro Est, Portoria, consist of five rooms located in the subsoil of the Acquasola Gardens, with access from the above address and corresponding to the house numbers 1r, 2r, 4r, 6r, 8r -10r -12r; their construction dates back approximately to July 1934. 

The premises are totally underground under the gardens and have a single access from via Carcassi, with the exception of n. 8r which has triple opening (8-10 and 12 rr). All have a single room on the ground floor and have an internal height of approximately 6.50 m; inside them the walls are partly plastered and partly with exposed brickwork.

The numbers 6r, 8r-10r-12r are accessible through the openings on the wall that surrounds "Spianata Acquasola", where the homonymous public park stands today. The construction of this structure, which defines the green area on the upper level, dates back to the nineteenth century. The premises are intended for warehouse use, however, having taken note of their shapes, dimensions and general characteristics, it is believed that they can also be accessed with modest-sized vehicles (e.g. cars, cycles, motorcycles). 

The house numbers 1r, 2r, 4r are located in a gallery near the Porta dell'Olivella, an ancient gate of the city walls of the fourteenth century; today surmounted by the road surface of Corso Andrea Podestà. 


Gross Floor Area GFA

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 175 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Via Claudio Carcassi 1r, 2r, 4r, 6r, 8-10-12 rr, Genova
Occupation: Free
Surface details: Surface areas

House Number Surface (smq)
8r-10r-12r 79
Building year: 1934
Total levels: 1
Condition: Inadequate
Cultural requirements: Subject to verification
Statistical data of the municipality of Genova


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