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Forte Tenaglia (208 a.s.l.) is a fortified building dating back to 1633, originally inserted in the course of the "New Walls" to defend the city on the heights of the Sampierdarena district, in a dominant ridge on the Polcevera valley. It owes its name to the particular architectural conformation that resembles a pincer, a work that in military architecture is called "horn work".

The fort stands on the area originally occupied by the "Bastia di Promontorio", a fortification dating back to 1478. There are no reliable sources on the architectural composition of the fifteenth-century fortress; it was demolished in 1633, during the construction of the New Walls, to make way for an advanced fortification with an "L" shape, ie a pincer.

In 1747, during the Austrian siege, the western line of the walls was reinforced; then the Army Engineers of Savoy began those works that will make the construction from simple avant-garde to real ‘forte’. In a period between 1815 and 1830, the narrow walkway to the horn work was raised by about 10 m and widened by 25 with filling material, so as to form an embankment; halfway through this, the underground barracks was incorporated in 1831. With the elevation of the northern curtain, the west front and the raising of curtains in parallel to close the perimeter, the final "L" shape was obtained.

In 1913 the entire Genoese defensive system, then considered inadequate, was abandoned, going from the Military Public Property to the State Property. However, at the beginning of the Second World War, the army modified the old work stations, building four reinforced concrete pitches for anti-aircraft pieces of 88/56, still visible today. Near them small structures were built for the service of the garrison. Around 1943 it was damaged by a bombing which partially collapsed the southern curtain.

Today the fort is owned by the Municipality of Genoa; it can be reached by car from via Cantore in Sampierdarena: go up on the right along Belvedere and then climb to Forte Crocetta, where you can continue on foot by taking a quick path.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 1950 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Via al Forte Tenaglia, Genova
Last use: Associative
Occupation: Occupied
Number of present buildings: 1
Building year: 1633
Condition: Inadequate
Cultural requirements: Yes
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