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Forte Sperone is a fortified building included in the Mura Nuove (New Walls) to defend the city, built on the top of Mount Peralto (489 m), at the meeting point of the two branches of the defensive wall. The union of the two walls, the one on the side of Val Polcevera and the one on the side of Val Bisagno, creates a particular angular bastion, whose shape resembles the bow of a ship, from which the name of the fort derives. For its dominant position, it was one of the most important structures of the fortifications of Genoa.

Forte Sperone has a complex structure, on three distinct levels at different altitudes. The first level, the one in which the main entrance opens, houses warehouses, service rooms and cisterns; on the second level there were the offices and rooms for officers and army graduates, on the third the rooms for soldiers.

The presence on the top of the mountain or near it of a Ghibelline fortress, initially built in wood and then in stone, called "Bastia del Peralto", has been documented since 1319. In 1530 the Senate of the Republic of Genoa allocated a substantial sum for the its remaking; this structure was probably incorporated into the New Walls at the time of their construction (1629-1633).

During the Austrian siege of 1747, an elevated structure was erected at the point where the walls joined, to increase the bastion's firepower. After the end of the war, the construction of the actual fort began: with progressive extensions, which lasted until 1830, the structure assumed the aspect that we can still observe today.

In the Napoleonic era, a "closing" curtain wall was designed towards the city, to defend the fort from any popular uprisings. This curtain, in which the monumental entrance portal was inserted, was built by the Sardinian Military Engineer after 1815. The entrance portal, surmounted by a Savoy coat of arms in marble, is equipped with a drawbridge, still present with its mechanism lifting.

From 1958 to 1981 it was used as a barracks of the Guardia di Finanza and subsequently taken over by the Municipality of Genoa which organized cultural events there in the summer.

The fort can be reached from Righi by taking via del Peralto, from which a short road branches off leading to the main entrance.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 3380 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Via del Peralto 15, Genova
Last use: Guardia di Finanza barracks / Building for cultural events
Occupation: Free
Number of present buildings: 3
Building year: 1700
Total levels: 4
Condition: Sufficient
Cultural requirements: Yes
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