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Forte Crocetta (145 a.s.l.) is a disused military structure that is part of the defensive fortifications of Genoa. It is just upstream of Belvedere, on the heights of the Sampierdarena district and is located in the village of Crocetta, on the area already occupied by the seventeenth-century convent of the Augustinians and by the adjoining church of the Santissimo Crocifisso.

The impetus for the fortification of the site occurred in 1747 during the Austrian siege of Genoa, whose entrenchments and the raising of embankments, under the direction of the military engineer Pierre De Cotte, made the importance of its position clear. Only after the fall of the Napoleonic Empire, the British, who occupied the city for a short period, placed artillery pieces on the hill facing the mouth of the Polcevera stream. In 1818 the Savoy Kingdom decided to demolish the monastic complex.There a pentagonal fortification with a single floor, a central courtyard and a drawbridge entrance was built. In 1827 the fort was enlarged with a moat all around it and in the north wing a floor for housing protected by barrel vaults and an embankment was created; the construction of the fort ended in 1830.

In 1849, during the popular uprisings, the fortification was used as a prison for rioters; after that it was a military garrison armed with several pieces of artillery, including two cannons. Dismissed from the military property in 1914 and cleared of the artillery pieces sent to the front, it was inhabited until 1961 on various occasions.

Today it is closed but the solidity of the construction keeps it in a good state of conservation. In the fort, with a pentagonal plan, there is an entrance, originally a drawbridge, that leads into the internal courtyard, from where various entrances to the internal rooms depart.

A ramp flattened at the sides to facilitate the transport of the artillery pieces leads to the upper embankment, while a gallery in front of the entrance leads to the lower embankment, where we still find signs of the heavy artillery posts. On the left is the kitchen and, near the powder keg for the lower battery, the lodging of the garrison commander. In the bastion facing north of the barracks there are the troop housing, with the warehouses on the floor below.

Another characteristic aspect is the presence on the massive parapet of multiple slits, now almost invisible due to the demolition during the Second World War.

Forte Crocetta is dominated by the imposing Forte Tenaglia; it can be reached on foot from the north along the path that starts from Forte Sperone and from the south from Forte Belvedere. By car you arrive from various side streets of the main street of Sampierdarena, via Cantore, where you go along Belvedere hill; continuing on foot along Crocetta hill (privately owned) you quickly reach the entrance.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 3080 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Salita al Forte della Crocetta, Genova
Occupation: Free
Number of present buildings: 1
Building year: 1818
Total levels: 2
Condition: Inadequate
Cultural requirements: Yes
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