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Brownfield Former Magisterium

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This is a structure built for school-university use located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre of the City of Genoa, near the train station of Genoa Brignole. The surrounding building fabric consists mainly of civil buildings, with sufficient commercial appreciation from the local property market.

The structure, of rationalist taste but with original "Decò" intonation, presents a very original plan, partly conditioned by the steep nature of the land on which it is built; the two sides are connected in a large oval-shaped volume, at full height, cut by five large openings buffered by translucent windows and arranged in scales. The most significant element is certainly the large space of the elliptical central hall at full height (9 m), illuminated by strong cuts of light in the vertical windows.

The structural system is in reinforced concrete, as far as the pillars, beams and slabs are concerned, and in traditional masonry (hollow bricks in terracotta), as far as the external plugging and the internal dividing elements are concerned. After its last transformation into the Faculty of Magisterium, the interior still preserves interesting original elements, including some fixtures and railings.

The elevation of the building is characterised by a skilful play of the concave and convex elements of the facade such as the high cuts of the windows bordered by the round projections of the balconies. The building currently consists of two basements and four floors above ground and is surrounded externally by a driveway area and a green part and gardens.

Attached to the building, in the ground below, there are the ruins of a farmhouse remained unused for decades, which has suffered a slow and relentless process of degradation over the years, causing the collapse of part of the roof and the deterioration of the walls (only part of the structure remained).


Gross Floor Area GFA


Covered area


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 2737 m²
Covered area: 737 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Corso Monte Grappa 39, Genova
Last use: Faculty of Education
Occupation: Free
Investment type (sale/location): Sale
Sale price: 3380000 €
Number of present buildings: 2
Building year: 1937
Total levels: 6
Stairs: 1
Lifts: 1
Cultural requirements: Yes
Energy performance: Energy Performance Certificate No. 31317 of 8/7/2016
Statistical data of the municipality of Genova

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