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Brownfield Villa Gruber

Short Overview

This eighteenth-century villa is located in the neighbourhood of Castelletto, residential area of value, which hosted the American Museum until 2004. It overlooks a busy and well-known public park of the same name. The English park is located on the slope and it has two entrances, the main one to the south and the second one to the north, next to the villa. There is also a paved square above a parking lot for private use and an area equipped with games for children.

In the park, in addition to Villa Gruber, there are four other buildings: a first building on the west side is occupied by the Carabinieri, a second one, of modest size, on the east side is used by the Blue Cross (with a small parking area to the north). In the middle of the park, a public liberty building licensed to the theatre Carlo Felice is in a poor condition. Finally, at the southern entrance of the park, there a small building used by an association.

The main body of the villa is developed on three levels and a basement: the tower on the western front rises for two more levels and enjoys a superb view of the city. From the park, you can access, through a monumental staircase, the ground floor, overlooking only the southern front (the other sides are against the ground), which is, therefore, quite dark. The first level, also accessible from the narrow road to the north, houses the main environment at double height, with balcony and frescoes. The other rooms are distributed around this.

The overall condition is rather poor: there are, in some places, a collapse of the ceilings and detachments of the stucco decorations of the vaults. An emergency waterproofing treatment has recently been applied to part of the roof. Amongst the critical points we have to report the difficult delimitation of the external areas of relevance.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Covered area


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 2483 m²
Covered area: 862 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Corso Solferino, 16122 Genova
Last use: The American Museum (2004)
Occupation: Free
Investment type (sale/location): Sale, Location
Number of present buildings: 1
Building year: 1700
Restructuration year: 1800
Total levels: 6
Stairs: 3
Lifts: 1
Condition: Sufficient
Cultural requirements: Yes
Type of intervention to be planned:

The most suitable scenario for the valuation of the asset, both from the point of view of other qualitative indicators taken into account in the analysis and with respect to the potential marketing of the asset on the market, considers the following intended uses:

  • Alternative use (Health/Wellness)
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