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Brownfield Former Market "Cortellazzo"

Short Overview

Built in a 19th-century urban context, this former market occupies the ground floor of a residential building with six floors above ground and a square layout (approximately 30 m x 30 m). The main facade faces south on via Persico, an urban road (with a cross-section of 12 metres, parking spaces on both sides of the street and small pavements) that runs along other buildings of the same size and type. The facade that faces the road has a main entrance and other six arcades that can be used as shop windows. The access to the upper floors is located on the lateral sides of the building. On the perimeter to the east, north and west sides, this building includes a small service road for loading and unloading; access to the road is bounded by two gates. The storage rooms are located on this side of the building (the rooms to the west side have asbestos roofing). On the north side, the small road is bordered by an embankment.

The pillar structure of the interiors results in a substantially free plant, except for the volume of the stairs and the bathrooms. Despite the presence of a central skylight, the interiors are not sunny due to the depth of the layout, combined with the density of the surrounding urban context. The interior condition is medium.

Piazza Oriani is located on the east side of via Persico (less than 100 metres). It hosts the Verdi Theatre, an underground private parking area for public use and a police station. On via Persico, to the west of the market, there is also a City Police station. The residential context is at a medium range and the percentage of occupation of the commercial ground floor spaces is rather high.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Covered area


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 901 m²
Covered area: 1041 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Via Fabio da Persico, 16154 Genova
Funding opportunities: Yes
Last use: Municipality Market (2006/2007)
Occupation: Free
Investment type (sale/location): Location
Number of present buildings: 1
Building year: 1931
Total levels: 6
Condition: Sufficient
Cultural requirements: No
Statistical data of the municipality of Genova

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Regione Liguria
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Registered Office: via Fieschi 15
16121 Genova


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