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Brownfield Villa Grimaldi "La Fortezza"

Short Overview

The building is located in the centre of the neighbourhood of Sampierdarena, an ancient working- class area to the west of the city centre and well-connected to port activities. This 17th-century palace has an external space measuring 1,000 square metres, a large garden above the streets, which surrounds the estate. The four facades of the building are clear and the building is well-lit. After the Second World War, it was used as a school, which was closed in 2008. Since then, the building has been empty.

The portico of the ground floor leads to the great main hall, surrounded by the other rooms. From the main stairs, you can access the first floor, where a ten-metre-high open gallery is located. This space is decorated with coffered stuccos and high-relief and faces north. From the open gallery, you can reach the frescoed main hall. Many service stairs lead to the attic, which is partially habitable. The condition is mediocre, partly due to the changes required by its use as a school. There are partial detachments of plasters and some cracks in the vaults of the main rooms. The wooden structures of the roof are in a good condition.

As regards its context, the building faces north on via Daste (the main road of Sampierdarena, partially developed into a pedestrian area), where there are three other schools, hosted in the Villa Sassi complex. The remaining three sides are surrounded by modern residential buildings, some of which were built during the late 19th century and some of which were built during the 1950s and 1960s. These modest-quality buildings are densely populated (approximately 6-7 floors each) and surround the building. On the south side, there is the covered market, which is not particularly active.


Gross Floor Area GFA


Covered area


Number of buildings

Area details
Property: Public
Gross Floor Area GFA: 3862 m²
Covered area: 982 m²
Province: Genova
Municipality: Genova
Address: Via Palazzo della Fortezza 4, Genova
Funding opportunities: Yes
Last use: Technical Institute (2008)
Occupation: Free
Number of present buildings: 1
Building year: 1650
Restructuration year: 1983
Total levels: 4
Stairs: 3
Lifts: 1
Condition: Sufficient
Cultural requirements: Yes
Statistical data of the municipality of Genova

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